Pricing Plans
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How does the plan's records limit work?What's included (and not included) in the records calculation for extensions? How many Airtable records can I process?
Does the "extensions limit" on my Airtable plan apply to miniExtensions?Our Airtable plan says the max is 10 extensions per base and the Enterprise plan is out of our budget.
Which extensions does the Starter plan support?
Can people create or edit records without owning an Airtable account?Not all our users have Airtable accounts. Do portal users need to have Airtable accounts?
Is your pricing per user?How many Airtable accounts does the subscription cover?
Do I need a Pro or Business Airtable account?I have a free Airtable account. Am I forced to upgrade plans to add the miniExtensions extension on Airtable?
How many bases can I connect my account with?Does it work across different workspaces?
Do you offer nonprofit discounts?
How much does this one extension cost?Do you offer a plan for a single extension?
Error "This extension requires upgrading your workspace"Our link is not accessible on mobile, another computer/different browser, or an incognito window.
Why some features are not accessible after I subscribe to a plan?I was in a Free plan when I set up my extensions but when I buy a subscription, some features are locked.
What features are available in the form extension on the Starter plan?
What's the limit on how many forms I can create?How many forms can I have per base and per table?
How do the Plus plan limits work for the form and portal?I have a portal with multiple tables with edit access. Does each table count as a Form against my quota?
What are the plan extension limits?I'm seeing a message saying extensions limit reached.