This feature allows you to restrict editing a form conditionally based on a rule. You can come up with your own conditions. For example, users can't edit the form when it “expires”.

In the New Marketplace App

You can set any conditions so that the save button is only shown when these rules are met.

In the old form on

You can find the option in the Advanced section under Disable Form. There are multiple options. You can disable the form based on:

  1. Formula

    When users try to access the form, they'd see a dynamic error message instead.

2. View

You can configure a custom view filter.

⚠️ Please note that when creating new records, you can't disable a form before the initial submission. The way it'd work is by allowing all submissions and then you'd filter out the invalid ones on your end. No formula can be calculated on miniExtensions Form itself without creating a record in Airtable first.


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