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How to log the user out after saving the record?
How to log the user out after saving the record?

After updating & closing the form, the link is still opening the previous record instead of the login page (until clearing my browser cache)

Updated over a week ago

If you have already logged into the form, the next time you visit the link you'll skip the login screen and go directly to the record. If you would rather see the login screen, you can automatically log out the user after submitting the form. On the extension setting page go to:

  1. Form Settings

  2. Submission Actions section

  3. Turn OFF 'Keep users logged in after form submission'


Closing the web browser or the tab while you are logged in to the form does not necessarily log the user out of the form. They need to log out first to go back to the login page. The logout button is located in the upper right corner of the form.


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