How to add the filter value to the submitted record?
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Use Case

I have a linked records field (cities) with a "filter field" (countries). I want selected (country) to be added to the record on submit. If I add the field (countries) to the form, I will have two fields called (countries). One for the main form and one for filtering. How can I make a form with one field for (country) and one field for (city). Have (city) options filtered on (country) and have them both added to the table on submit?


The "Country" should be a lookup field in your table. When users select a linked record "City" on the form, you're able to lookup any related value in your table.

TLDR; The filter value should be a lookup field in your table.

⚠️ If a city can be in multiple countries, you wouldn't know what country the user selected in the form. We don't have a solution for this use case, unfortunately.


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