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How to let portal/form users log in without a password?
How to let portal/form users log in without a password?

I want to send a verification code to access the record.

Updated over a week ago

When the login feature is enabled, you can turn ON the OTP option in the login field settings. When it's enabled, the user will receive a verification code to log in. The generated code will be valid within 15 minutes. To set this up, go to:

  1. Form Fields.

  2. Login Fields.

  3. Click on a login field (For email, it is any field that can contain email addresses. For phone numbers, it is exclusive to the phone field).

  4. Require email or phone number verification to login.

Email verification customization

Once you turn this toggle on, two more fields will show up where you can set the custom sender name and the subject of the login verification email. These are the names of those fields:

  • Custom subject for confirmation email (optional)

  • Custom sender name for confirmation email (optional)


This toggle is only available for the following field type:

  • Single Text

  • Long Text

  • Email

  • Barcode

  • Single select

  • Multi select

  • Formula

  • Lookup

  • Phone


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