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How to copy an address from another field?
How to copy an address from another field?

The form has a home address and billing address fields which are the same in most cases.

Updated over a week ago

The prerequisite for this tutorial is to have 2 different address fields and 1 checkbox that will indicate if the two address fields are the same:

  1. Home Address

  2. Billing Address

  3. Checkbox

For this tutorial, here are the fields.

In the miniExtensions form, those fields are added in the Form Fields section. Both Home Address and Billing Address are required in this setup.

The Billing Address field has a conditional field setup. It is set to show up only if the checkbox is not set to true.

After creating a form, we need to create a bulk extension that will copy the value of the Home Address to the Billing Address which is the Copy Airtable Value to Another Field. But first, we need to create an Airtable view that will filter which records can be processed by this extension. Make sure to filter using the checkbox.

Now, we can create the bulk extension.

In the Process in bulk section, you can set the filter.

You can now choose whether this extension will run base on schedule or if it will be triggered per record created.

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