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Airtable base integration
Airtable base integration
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How to know which Airtable account is connected to miniExtensions?
How will the deprecation of Airtable API keys affect me?I received an email that Airtable API will stop working on February 2024.
What happens when I disconnect my Airtable account and how will it affect my extensions?Our miniExtensions workspace is connected to the wrong Airtable account.
What does the empty third-party integrations screen mean?I want to add a base to the miniExtensions workspace but the Third-party Integrations tab in Airtable is empty.
How to add a new base to my miniExtensions Workspace?I have already connected my miniExtensions to Airtable. I just added a new base and it does not show up in my workspace.
Error “You are not authorized to perform this operation”
Can I connect miniExtensions with multiple Airtable accounts?I have two different Airtable accounts connected to my miniExtensions. Can I have two Airtable APIs connected?
Error "Airtable integration has a problem (Error 401). Please reauthorize access to Airtable."My workspace shows error code 401 "Request failed with status code 401". What do I need to do to fix this?
How to re-authenticate my workspace with Airtable?Our miniExtensions workspace is connected to the wrong Airtable account.
I cannot add a base in the miniExtensions workspace. What should I do?miniExtensions is missing in the Integration tab or the base added in the integration does not show up.
Is the API key different for each user?
I received an email from Airtable about integration being automatically revoked. What should I do?
Does changing the email address of my Airtable account lead to complications with my extensions?There is an organizational change and we need to change the email address connected to the Airtable account.
Manually forcing base refresh does not work