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Client Portal & View Editor for Airtable
Client Portal & View Editor for Airtable
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How to select the layout of the record in the portal?I want to show records in a gallery, list, grid, calendar, chart, or kanban view. I want to choose the layout for the portal.
How to adjust the child form width of the portal tables?The child form is too narrow for the portal. I want to change the width of the child form.
Can I change the title of the fields in the Custom preview fields?
How to prefill a value when creating a new record in the portal?
How to have multiple tables in a portal?How to have one login for multiple portals? How to log into different portals with one username/password?
How to open specific record automatically upon loading the portal?
How can I set which menu should be displayed when the portal is loaded?
What are the required configurations to utilize the lookup field as a Portal Table?
How to show all records from a table in the portal?I want users to see records that are NOT linked to them. I'm moving from the old portal to the new one. Where's the Browse Tab feature?
How to know which portal user updated the record?
How to display the child form on the side panel of the portal?
How to customize the "No records found" message in the portal?Can I change the error message people get when "No records found"?
How to change the alert " says"The popup shows in the browser tab to my users. I want to remove your site name.
How to copy an existing record in a grid or gallery view?
How to link the portal user to a record with a click?
How to put a badge in a custom view?
How to password-protect the share URL?
How to know the last login date of the portal?