Client Portal for Airtable
What could be the reason for the logout option not appearing?
Error: Failed to read the 'localStorage' property from 'Window": Access is denied for this document.
Error "Login is invalid or unauthorized"
The embedded portal is displayed in mobile mode while using a computer.
How do I set up the "Users Linked Records Field"?
The portal is missing some (or all) records. "no records found"
I need to delete an entire row. How do I do this?
"There are no fields added to the form. Please add fields to start using the form."
When I add a new record, the form doesn't get prefilled with the user record?
I'm only seeing 100 records.
How to show Airtable comments in the portal?
Can I join 2 different tables in a view?
I'm getting "No records found" in the shared view.
Error "Could not load data because the following field does not have all the required schema values. Try re-syncing your base"
Is there a way to preserve logins across Portals that are located on different bases, even if the bases have a similar user table?
Can I use a synced table with the Portal?