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Bulk Processor Extensions
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What are the bulk processor extensions?
How to overwrite output field value in bulk extension?

How to limit the records that can be processed by bulk processing extensions?I have CSV exporter and I don't want the extension to include all records in the CSV file.
Why isn't the record being processed during a bulk extension run?
How to trigger multiple bulk extension using one script in Airtable?
What is the limit on the bulk processor extensions?
How to process a specific record only?Instead of the script running on the entire table, I need it to go through a single record at a time.
How to schedule an extension to run regularly?How often does it run? How to trigger it without having to run it manually? How to use Webhook?
How to run an extension in Airtable Automations?I need to run it automatically on a schedule or when a new record is created.
How to trigger a Webhook after a bulk extension runs?
The bulk processor function stops if an invalid record is detected, why?It stops completely when it hits an error instead of skipping that record and moving on with the remaining records
How to set up a schedule for a job to run every day at 8 am?I need to schedule a task at a specific time in the day.
Does the extension remember which records have been processed? How to reprocess a record again?It's skipping the ones already done.
How to troubleshoot an error encountered in the bulk processing extensions?
How to identify which record is causing an error when executing bulk extensions?I'm generating thousands of barcodes. When a record has an input value that is not a valid barcode standard, I get an error.